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Solo Antivirus 15.0

Stops spyware, adware, trojans and other malware from infecting computers
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SRN Micro Systems

Keeps your PC safe by monitoring the integrity of your system files (system.ini, win.ini), checking registry changes and keeping track of active processes.

Solo Antivirus 8.0 is an antivirus that scans and removes all types of malicious software.
This program protects you from Internet worms, file infecting viruses, malicious VB and Java scripts, trojans, backdoors, spyware, adware, boot sector, partition table, file and macro viruses.

Solo Antivirus 8.0 installs in your computer three different applications: Solo Antivirus Scanner, Solo Scheduler and Solo Sentry.

Solo Antivirus Scanner is the main application that will scan your drives an clean any infection found. It updates its virus definitions through Internet.

Solo Scheduler performs scheduled scans. You can tell Solo Scheduler to perform Daily, Weekly or Monthly scans and updates, or fix a time slot to do them.

Solo Sentry lets you configure your Solo Antivirus. You can tell the program which action to take when a virus is found, which protection method you will like to use (Watch File Process, Scan Boot Sector, Shutdowns Scan, Internet Virus Protection), which files you will include in the scans and if you want the program to load on startup.

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